Saturday, December 03, 2005

Scent of an Airedale

Today it was decided that I was getting - ahem! - a bit "funky".

All the time that I've devoted to rolling in mud and running through grass has paid off in a way I hadn't expected... I was going to get my first real shower.

Mom and Dad went out and bought special shampoo for me (supposedly, my skin is a bit dry, whatever that means) and then I listened in while they discussed the best place for this grand procedure.

It was decided that I'd hop into the stand-up shower with Dad, and we'd take a shower together. Mom must have been in on it because she stood outside the door taking pictures of me through the glass and laughing at my plight. Dad soaped me up with the shampoo (ok, it does smell kind of nice) and the shower rinsed it away. It was fun because Dad was making it into a game for me, but still, it was all about a lot of water falling on me and lets say that while I didn't absolutely hate the experience, I'm hoping I don't have to do it again.


But that's not going to stop me rolling in stuff.

Dad dried me off with a big, fluffy towel (which is apparently now "my" towel - whee!) and then mom tried to dry me off with this blowy thing that blew warm air at me. I thought this was hilarious and proceeded to run all around the room, taunting her, barking at the blowy thing, and basically drying myself off in the process.

Humans. They're so simple.


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