Monday, December 12, 2005

My Calling Card

There have been so many times when we've met up with cute doggies or other friends and haven't been able to tell them about my blog because no one had a piece of paper or a pen...

So now if you meet me out somewhere, I have my own calling card! Mom or dad will give you one if we take a picture with you, so you can see yourself on my blog!!!


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Conners said...

Hi there Bogart! I was just over at Indy's site and decided to look around and here I am.
I really like the idea of the calling card. What a FANTASTIC idea! I do the same thing always running to find pen and paper.
I also read some of your other posts and you are a sweetheart.
I don't have a doggy blog, but my blog is about my baby (dog), Shasta and a very special reason why I blog about her and other doggies like her, besides the fact I LOVE HER with ALL my heart!!!!