Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Airedale Art Project

I have been working on a project - an art project, if you will - since the day I arrived in Los Angeles.

There is a large stuffed leopard - you may have seen it in some photos that mom has taken - that I have had an irresistable urge to destroy since my first moment here.

At the beginning, it was larger than me, so tussling with it was quite the workout for me. I'd roll around, grab it by the neck, shake it around in my teeth, and really try to "take it down". But I was mostly unsuccessuful as it was too large and formidable of an opponent.

Now, however, the tables have turned and I am the larger one. I always thought I'd get it's tail off first, with a violent shaking in my teeth, but today I did finally have a breakthrough - I got it's neck open. Lots of lovely fluffy white insides that don't taste nearly as yummy as I'd thought they would have tasted (who knew that leopards were so tasteless?). I pulled out more and more in a quest to find the tasty innards, but it was to no avail.

It's still fun to play with, and now makes a lovely pillow when I need a nap.


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