Wednesday, December 14, 2005

32 Pounds of LOVE

That's right kiddies, I'm now over the 30-pound mark. Mom has been saying that for some time, but I just think she's lazy and doesn't want to carry me around as much anymore. I still like that a lot, more people pet me that way.

Today I got my last round of puppy shots, and my rabies shot. So another new tag to add to my ever-growing charm bracelet of a collar. I'm still amazed at all the fuss that people make about this getting a shot thing - I barely notice it each time it's happened, but now I'm getting hip to the fact that whenever we go into the building marked Gateway Animal Hospital and I see a bunch of other not-so-happy-looking dogs and howling-in-their-cages cats that a needle is most likely in my immediate future. But they really don't bother me, I always make the best of any gathering of humans by turning on the charm. Cock my head to the side, that one always works.

The rabies shot, on the other hand, was another story. That one really, really hurt and I was sure to let everyone in the entire building know it. I'm not used to this, I wasn't pleased, and I'm not doing that one again. Ever. That's final.

I did get a shiny new doggie bone tag to add to my collection on my collar (mom calls it my charm bracelet) -- but that's not enough. No more shots in my leg, mom, dad, Dr. Jimerson, everyone, you hear me???

Gonna go run around with dad today, I'll dictate more later and pose for my new over-30 photos.


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