Sunday, December 11, 2005

Celebrity Sighting!

People keep telling me that Los Angeles is filled with celebrities - but as a puppy I'm kind of out of that loop. Every new person I meet could be the most famous person in the world and I'd have absolutely no idea, they're just someone new for me to sniff.

But even I've heard of Madonna.

There she was, with her bright pink fingernails and toenails, sitting contentedly in a man's lap while everyone enjoyed lunch. She was really territorial and not completely pleased that just any pup would approach her, even as I excitedly brought forth my mighty paws in a gesture of happiness. Maybe that was a little too much, for she really tried to let me have it, giving me the universal "go away, I'm too fabulous for you" look and growl.

Then as we were leaving, she cemented her superiority by walking right over to where I was laying down near mom's feet and peed right next to me. Then she ran away after her two lovely boys.

So, after my first real celebrity encounter, I now know:

Among Madonna's fave things are cuddling in just out of the dryer laundry,

She also likes burrowing under covers

And she's as bitchy in person as she seems on tv!

But I had no idea her eyes were so big!!!


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