Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Doggie Tooth Fairy

I'm losing teeth.

It's the weirdest thing, first I've spent the better part of my almost-4-months on this planet growing teeth (and having the teething really hurt so much that I must chew on everything in sight) and now they're falling out.

Dad first noticed yesterday that I was missing a tooth so he touched a few of my other ones and they're kind of wobbly! This is soooo weird.

I need those teeth! How else will I keep mom in line? She only listens when I bite her right arm repeatedly!

I've been told that this is just a phase - that new, bigger, and sharper ones will be coming soon - so I'm only a little bit worried. I woke up this morning with a nice big bone under my pillow that I don't remember seeing mom or dad put there. They told me it was from the doggie tooth fairy, and I just smiled and nodded while they were talking about it, human blah-blah-blah, before I got down to business with that bone.

Thanks Dad (uh, I mean Doggie Tooth Fairy)!


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