Friday, February 26, 2010

Airedale Supermodel

One of mama's favorite gnarled trees in our neighborhood. I enjoy it as well, just mostly around the root area.

As you can see, we are again experiencing some fine Northwestern weather. No complaints, the rain doesn't bother me one bit. Mama on the other hand...

She sees the vast open area of the North Park Blocks as as a kind of muddy minefield. Valiantly she tries not to step into its muddy goodness while I explore, but some days I really feel like exploring...

A smile? A grimace? A slightly snarky eyeroll? Some people just see crap on the ground, occasionally mama sees something more interesting (of course I noticed it first, but then again, I AM closer to the ground)...

Oh mama and her pictures. Sometimes I do my model thing and then bam! we're done, but other days it takes a little longer. Over and over and over again, come here Bogart, stand there Bogart, just a quick pose Bogart...

Mama, you know I'm kidding, right?

Oh... of COURSE I'm kidding around! I'm just testing your photography skills with my advanced modeling. Not every mama can capture all of my personality the way that YOU can! Not everyone is good enough or fast enough to record my every golden moment to film (uh, memory card). That makes you one special mama!

So now I will jump up and give you a big, sloppy Aire Kiss, to show my appreciation. And you will miss the photo. Because you're getting a big sloppy kiss. AND YOU WILL LOVE IT




McGillicutty said...

Oh Bogart! It is in our terrier genes to move at THE second that the GREATEST photo of all time is clicked. I (and the newest member of my family, me fur mom) always look away (or move as fast as possible) when I see me Mom's camera come out.

Irish Love,

Hercules said...

Great walkie Bogart! I HATE the rain...Can't stand getting my pads wet!

Tell your mamma to LAY off dude-she's crampin your style...She can post all the pictures of herself she wants though-she's a beauty ;-)

Love, Hercules

Cassie said...

You sure have taken to the Pacific NW weather.Rain just rolls right off your back right?! It's getting warmer here and we are SO ready to split for N.Idaho...I prefer colder weather. Hootie doesn't seem to mind. hmmm. Your mommy looks like a model in her rain gear! How lucky(for you both) that you distract her and get to give her slobbery kisses!! Rock on Bogart!!
BabyRocketDog and Hootie

sarah doow said...

A big Facebook-style thumbs up for the hat, Lulu!

オテモヤン said...