Saturday, February 06, 2010

S-S-S Saturday Night...

And the chicken soup is flying!

I'm sure I've shown you this, but all you doggies you should really get your humans to start cooking for you if they don't already. My mama cannot cook ANYTHING (dad was the good cook in our family) but somehow, she makes a mean chicken soup for me. EVERY NIGHT. Chicken, rice, and veggies. Keeps my digestive system humming and my poop just perfect.

Oh what to do, what to do. All of the daily walkies are already accomplished, and while I'm always up for more adventure, mama probably isn't. While she's cleaning up, I guess I'll just have a little rest here on the bed...

What is that, mama? There's a DOG SHOW on TV tonight... COUNT ME IN! Gotta cheer on my fellow Airedale and all of the terriers... oh, it's on NOW - FANTASTIC!

And of course the Terrier Group will be coming up second to last. In a three-hour dog show. Wake me when the Terrier group is announced, ok mama?

Ooo... THE AIREDALE - Lucas is a very fine looking boy, isn't he?

Check out that run, head high, tail just so... you just KNOW he sees someone in the audience that he wants to pounce on.

You are a fine specimen of the King of Terriers my friend, and I am pleased that you took one for the team with all of that grooming. Looking REALLY good...

Other dogs just run about, but Airedales THINK. I wonder what is going through Lucas' fuzzy head right about now:

And amazingly for me - Lucas took third in the Terrier group!!! I've never watched a dog show where the Dale was even pulled out for a second look - NICE WORK LUCAS!!!

Now I can sleep. Party animals that we are.




Digsby Mac Feegle said...

Ah Bogart! We watched the show too, but the most exciting part of our weekend was spotting you and your mom out for a walk on Saturday! My mom wanted to yell out the window but I told her it was classless and might freak your mom out. I think she would have done it anyway if your mom hadn't been on the phone! Oh man! we were excited, it was like running into a movie star.

Mack and Sally Ann said...

We watched that dog show. Wasn't it so much fun?
Sally Ann

Dawn said...

Nothing like a good dog show and then a good nap to make the day perfect! Oh...and the walkie of course! And especially the SOUP!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your dindin looks sorta like mine, Bogie! Mom says she loves home cooking for me and wish she would have done it sooner!

Love ya lots