Thursday, February 18, 2010

Squirrel Patrol

Dun-da-dun, Dun-da-dun-da-dun-dun... what is that behind me? It's THE SHADOW and it is following me everywhere today.
I suppose it could be because of all of the sunshine we're having today, but there could of course be far more nefarious reasons for things to be following me.


Oh how you twitch your tiny nose in my general direction. How your tail darts to and fro as you fly from branch to branch, just out of my reach.

That's okay... I CAN WAIT

You see? Your presence does not bother me, I barely even notice that you are on that branch just above me and slightly to the right.

I will even chuckle at your adorable antics, and marvel at your skills in stick-sitting.

And of course if you are feeling as though you might like to frolic a bit down here on terra firma, I can always be counted upon to be up and ready for a good ol' frolic. Especially with you my squirrel-y friend. A FROLIC - yeah, that's what it would be. Just a lovely, little frolic. No thoughts of your imminent destruction or your tasty innards, just a frolic.



ScrapsofMe said...

Pesky little buggers...sitting on a limb just out of reach chattering their silly heads off. Man UP, I say! Come down here and show me what you're made of....bring it on!

Bonnie - swift warrior princess

kevin said...

Hi Lulu and Bogart,

Kevin & I are thinking about Klaus tonight. How he was loving life, welcomed us to your home, and how funny he was in his big Klaus ways, you know. We miss him so much and we constantly talk about him and you and Bogart.

Miss you Lulu. Hope you are doing well.

With love,
Kevin & Kayo and Dr. Dre

Mango said...

You keep working on that. Maybe someday you will get one. Although the only squirrel my Grandpa Angus ever caught was a flat road kill one which momma totally let him eat because he clamped his big old dale jaws shut and she really didn't want to fish around in his mouth for it anyway. Ick.

That shadow is HUGE! I hope it didn't eat your mom. Check out the other end of the leash, OK?


Dawn said...

Sunshine is a wonderful thing Bogart. It illuminates all kinds of possibilities!