Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday... It's All Right

Firstly and most importantly a Robin update - I hear that he's running for pie so that's a good sign. I'm not ready to slow up the Zen yet, but so far so good...

Robin my friend... this package is for you. I've been bugging dad to get the dehydrator working again, as I know you must be wondering where all of the treats went when I left Los Angeles. It's up to you whether or not you want to share with Jupie & Kermit, although I'd suggest giving them some too. Don't tell Mareike ok, so she's surprised when the package arrives.

Today we were back in the Hawthorne district - mom had a hankering for a gardenburger at that fish and chips place we went to not too long ago, and dad agreed (although his hankering was for the fish and chips).

We had to wait a little while to get a table, so I decided to shower mom with kisses. I know it looks like she doesn't like it in this picture but trust me - SHE LOVES IT


I tried to go inside a few stores but mostly had to wait outside. Grrrr... I thought these might be more accommodating but no dice...

So I did what any self-respecting Dale would do:

Back at the homestead, dad is FINALLY getting back into the swing of making my stew. This is the beef heart...

Since it's been some time since he has prepared this tasty dish for me, I thought it most prudent that I sample some of his handiwork.

And again...

And again...

And yet again...

I'm thinking this will work - good job dad!



To Aire is Divine


Maggie & Mitch said...

Thanks for the update on Robin! What wonderful news! The Los Angeles Dales are sure going to be happy to get that box from you and your dad, Bogie!
All this talk of fish-n-chips and garden burgers and beef hearts is making us drool!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

The Airechicks said...


We're doing our "HAPPY DANCE" -

1: Robin is FEELING better.
2: we luv to see you Mom & Dad.
3: Your Dad is finally COOKING again !!

What a wonderful Saturday - great shot of you leaving a peegram for the shop!!!!

We know the LA Dales wll be so surprised for their package....


Stanley said...


You are the DUDE with the TUDE, man! Thanks for peeing on that store, otherwise I would have had to come out there to do it myself. Sheesh.

Glad that Robin is better and feeling jerky ready.

My girl said your theme song should be Cheech Marin's "Love Machine". We have NO DOUBT here in GooberStan that you are one VERY potent kissing machine. Anytime you need to give that machine a work out, come on over to GooberStan. My girl will be waiting for those juicy Aire kisses. (She MAKES ME write this stuff to you... I'm seriously embarrassed for her.)

On another happier note, I'm trying to get my girl to ask out my butcher. Can you imagine... a guy who works with meat all day coming to visit me all the time?!! That would be my dream guy for me...uh, her...

Goober love,

The Airechicks said...


Swing by Hercules' he's got something called "TOXICITY" we don't know what that is but he needs us !!!

Gaia the Airedale said...

Bogart what a cool adventure you had! Portland is really close to us, in fact my mom used to go there nearly every weekend before I came home hehe. She says shell take me there for the Rose Festival thats coming up, have you heard of it?

puppy breath,

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

Bogart! You're still looking great!!! How is the weather!? Have you met lots of new friends???

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Noah the Airedale said...

Phew, we're so glad Robin is feeling better. Keep us updated incase we need to send even more aire-zen. Thanks matie.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess Lucy