Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Peking Dog

Well, mom and dad have some more friends visiting and they're really nice! The girl is from China and they all went out to dinner to a Chinese restaurant (no Bogart invite, ok maybe I take back a little of their being so nice-ness). But luckily dad is a fast thinker. He managed to score some Peking Duck for me to try.

After watching the ducks all the time at the lake I admit to a certain curiousity about what they taste like (hey, I'm a dog).

I knew that I was attracted to them somehow, that there was a special something there about the ducks...

Pleased to say that Peking Duck is probably the yummiest thing I've tried so far. I completely scarfed down my "doggie bag" (a special bag all for MEEEEEE) that was on top of my lowly canned dinner and then went looking for more. My portion was a bit paltry for a big dog, dad. Maybe next time you'll remember that...



To Aire is Divine

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