Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Flea Circus

Ok, I'm really really really hating the fleas.

At least I'm pretty sure it's fleas. Mom can't seem to find many and I don't seem to have any hot spots or other weird skin things... but I feel them. The little buggers are crawling all over me like the paparazzi do every time I step out the door.

Mom did the good human thing and tried the smelly stuff that went on between my shoulder blades (specifically so I couldn't reach it... bastards) and that worked a little. But now I'm getting itchy and scratchy again.

What do we need fleas for anyway? I understand that there are many creepy, crawly creatures out there that I may hate but that we need - bees, spiders, and the like - but fleas? What positive thing do they actually do? I can't think of anything, so I may have mom drop the nuclear flea bomb on them sometime this week (that is, the evil flea fogger that kills 'em dead). It means we have to clear out the place, dogs cats and humans alike so it's a pain (well, for them - I like getting out and about).

I will keep you informed of my progress...



I'm scratchin' and grinnin' on my other blog:

To Aire is Divine

1 comment:

Tigersan said...

When me am in the park, me try to give the little bugs a new home in my fur...
but my parents don't like that ;)

But me never had fleas that bit me :(

Hang in there!!!