Monday, August 07, 2006

All the News that's Fit to...

Destroy, of course.

I overheard mom this morning complaining about the LA Times. Have I mentioned that she's from New York? She likes the NY Times, but now we live here in Los Angeles so it's a little harder to find "her" newspaper. She'll sometimes drive around to try to find it (only on Sundays, apparently, that's when the newspapers becomes large and unwieldly) but usually ends up getting an LA Times because it's just easier to find at the local 7-11.

Today I saw that she had bought an LA Times and I thought I'd do something that she would appreciate. Since I know of her distaste for the paper, I decided to "eliminate" it for her, you know, "get rid of it" so she wouldn't be forced to read it. I started slowly with the front page but that quickly lead into a full-on tearing of the paper limb from limb.

I reminded myself to make sure that I left all of the little bits of paper scattered around the living room for mom to see. So that she'd know how much I care, and that I did something special to make her life easier and more pleasant.

I'm such a gentleman...



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Boomer said...

Bogart, my mom and dad absolutely can't stand the LA Times and canceled their subscription a couple of years ago. My mom has never read the NY Times but she LOVES NY City so there you go...

You did a good thing by tearing up your moms paper.

Bogart said...

Thanks Boomer, I knew I was right.

You've got a smart mom too!!!


Rose said...

Hi Bogart!
You are SO handsome! But I'll bet you hear that all the time!
I am owned by 3 felines at this time. You make me remember my woofie who was a Basset Hound named Baggins. No, you are definately an Airedale! But I miss the nice wet nose and the big squeezes I used to give Baggins.
I hope one day to have another woofie to play with!!
I'm glad yo u posted on Kat's Cat of the Day today...why, we'd never had been able to meet you otherwise!
p.s. be careful about the newspapers next time...the ink rubs off easil y and can give you smudgy whiskers!

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

A canine needs pulp in his or her diet.

Pippin the flyball dog said...

Good work Bogart. I,too, often try to help my people with the newspaper (they are the lucky receipients of the NY Times on their doorstep, for which they pay I know not how much, but I'm sure it could buy us many treats) and they do not usually show due appreciation. I hope your mom gave you lots of bones and skritches for your good work