Monday, March 27, 2006

Workin' for a Livin'

Today mom had a “job interview”. I wasn’t sure what this meant, so I tried to ask her… but her car broke down yesterday so we had to visit the mechanic before she could go. So I had to wait to ask.

Walter at Budget Auto Repair is one of our favorite people. He’s German and a REAL mechanic. He always fixes mom and dads cars so that they run really well (until they break down that is - but apparently this is always mom’s fault anyway).

Well we got there and I got to see my girl Ferocious - loyal readers will remember her from posts awhile back, the last time that moms car broke down, when I introduced her as my latest squeeze. Well she’s still as foxy as ever, so we played while the humans talked about spark plugs.

I overheard mom talking about her interview and a light went on in my head. Maybe it was time - since I’m such a big boy now - for me to go on a job interview. I thought for a moment about what I was good at, what I could do to contribute to the household. I asked Ferocious about her “job” - as autoshop guard dog - and had an “A-ha!” moment. I could do that…

So Ferocious started to show me the ropes. She first had me walk the perimeter to stake out any evil-doers. Then hiding around the cars was the next lesson. Where to pee so that everyone knows you’re on duty is very important, so we worked on that for awhile.

I think I may have it mom - I’ll be bringing home the bacon soon (mmm, b-a-c-o-n…)…



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