Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Pasadena CC Flea Market

Mom has been bugging me for awhile about taking me to something called a "flea market". I say, what do I need to go to a market for, I can get fleas any old time!!!

(yeah, she didn't think it was that funny either)

So this morning after fun in the dog park mom and dad took me. I have to say that it was a whole lotta fun - I was quite the hit, and was easily the handsome-est dog there. There were other doggies walking around too, but none quite as cute and cuddly as me. I always like that.

I was of course very interested in the contents of each garbage can, and would make sure that mom stopped for a moment so that I could ascertain the local "color".

Mom let me stop at many tables while she was looking at stuff, and I did find some things that interested me...

Maybe this "flea market" thing is kind of fun after all. And I'm not even scratching...



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