Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ask Dante

This is Dante.

He's a very very cool dog that I get to play with at my dog park.

Dante is sick, but he has a really nice dad who takes good care of him, and brings him to the dog park to play with all of us. He's a very elegant gentleman, and everytime I see him I think that I should ask him about the meaning of life... he seems like the kind of dog that would know the answers to the big questions.



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Conners said...

I hope your friend, Dante gets better and glad you admire him so much. He definitely looks very wise and certainly cuddly. Naturally, not as cuddly as you though.
It's unfortunate, but I barely take Shasta to the leash free parks anymore. Her kind have to be muzzled and leashed the whole time and I can tell she so much wants to play.
Sometimes a few doggies come and roll with her for a little while before they go running with the others.
Summer is coming so she'll be liking getting back running along side of me on my bike. Muzzle or not, she ALWAYS loves that!