Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Beware the Ides of Aeon, ahem, I Mean March

This is Aeon.

She is another one of the cats that shares my home.

She is certifiably insane. No, I mean it. Really. Full on. Hardcore. Completely bonkers.

Mom and dad got her about 7 years ago when she was a baby - she was a movie lot kitten, and from what I hear was incredibly adorable as a little kitty. But now she's insane. She has her own area out on our terrace that she likes - that NO ONE ELSE is allowed onto. She bites everyone except mom, and hacks away at you with her paws if you try to touch her.

Just thought I'd introduce you to her. So you can see what I have to put up with sharing my life with cats and humans...

Anyway, today started with another romp at the dog park - always a good time. Here are some assorted images of some of my favorite dogs:

Tonight it was time to play everyone's favorite Airedale game:
"No One Ever Feeds Me"

First one must look pathetically up at the owner who is eating at the table. A calm entreat for attention and oh, just a few scraps is the mood to conjure.

Then look away dramatically - think Theda Bara - pretending that no, no, you couldn't possibly take any of the precious food away from the human when it is first offered.

Walking away - just for dramatic effect, of course - will usually get their attention. MAKE THEM WANT TO FEED YOU.

Find a cold spot that looks uncomfortable to the humans and lay down. Begin chewing on that nasty, bug-filled stick you insisted on dragging into the house this morning. Chew lightly, then look up. Repeat.

By this time, dad will not be moved but MOM WILL - and the food will magically arrive in your dish. Mom will even let you know that it's there (because you're still feigning disinterest and general weakness from lack of nutrition) and encourage you to eat heartily. Then mom will yell at dad and you may dine.


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Conners said...

Shasta has a canine fur-bro too along with one I've rescued. The young one is full of pep and does the attack at anything wagging. Shasta is never sure it it wants to cuddle or give a nasty swat with the darn claws. LOL
And thanks for all your doggie secrets, I'll keep them in mind when I see Shasta do the same. *sigh* LOL