Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Many Moods of Miso

I know I've told you before about Miso - she's in charge at the dog park. She keeps even the biggest dogs in line, all while maintaining a lovely line of drool (she manages to make even that look good!).

Miso is a girl of many moods - well, how many girls aren't? - she was displaying many of them this morning at the dog park...
Of course no visit to the dog park on the weekend would be complete with spending time with my Airedale buddies!!!!

Then we were playing a game of Airedale blackmail: We've all managed to lock dad out of the dog park because he was giving some bones to our friend Roscoe's dad and we wanted some!!!

It was a very full house this morning!

This is Valletta - she's a Doberman. She's so funny, as soon as humans come into the dog park she trots over and then leans against them! Mom and dad just can't help it - you have to pet her!!!

And then there is Dave, another doggie who loooooooooves affection...


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