Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Ruff Ruff Bakery

After the dog park this morning, I was dog tired.

Mom and dad had to go to the Hollywood Farmers Market, so I offered to stay home and guard the cats. Of course they could have begged me more heartily to come along, but since I'd just be sitting in the car anyway maybe it was for the best (no dogs allowed at the market).

When they returned mom told me a great story. She had met a really nice lady named Annie who makes doggie treats! Now just so everyone in the world knows - if anyone wants to send me treats or toys to try out anytime I AM YOUR MAN - I'm always game to try something new and yummy.

So mom and Annie were talking - mostly about us, their dogs of course - and Annie was nice enough to give mom a bag of treats for me!!! Woo-hoo!!! Mom was telling me the story of how Rusty the Cocker Spaniel inspired Annie to create these treats... yeah yeah yeah mom, I know, that's sweet and all, but GIVE ME THAT BAG.

I could smell those treats the second that dad brought them into the house, and had my nose deep in dads plastic bag trying to figure out what was in there!!!

I sampled the Lovin Liver & Bacon treats:

I have to say that these Ruff Ruff treats are DELICIOUS!!! Usually when I first try a new treat I approach kind of tentatively, giving it a good sniff before I dare to bite. Who knows what healthy thing those humans might be trying to slip me? Huh? What's that mom? These ARE healthy? Nooooooo........ can't be. They taste TOO GOOD.


Buy your own yummy Ruff Ruff treats from the Ruff Ruff Bakery here:



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