Friday, March 24, 2006

Hipster Hangout - Fred 62

Mom and dad are such hipster-wannabees. They say they don't, and that they aren't, but they just are. They always drag me to these hangouts, mostly restaurants, where all the hipsters are.

Today we stopped at Fred 62 in Los Feliz so that dad could have a burger and mom could have a grilled cheese. Humans are soooo fascinating in their eating habits (not). I did get lots of smiling and people stopping to admire me, so it wasn't a total loss, but it was awfully hot outside (it is always 80 degrees in March in LA?) and the sun was making me a little uncomfortable.

They were nice enough to bring me a bowl of water which was much appreciated, but once the admiring stopped I was ready to go.

So basically look for any hipster lunch hangout places around town, and you'll see me!!!!



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HanktheDog said...

A dog getting to hang at restaurants? Hipster or not, it sounds groovy