Monday, April 05, 2010

My Red Raincoat

Portland + April = RAIN

But no worries... I AM PREPARED

The rain doesn't even slow me down... when I am wearing my spiffy red raincoat! The pine cone search must go on...

Whether they are in the aire...

Or on terra firma.

Springtime also = pretty tulips. Notice how the red of the flowers complements the red of my raincoat.

And the pink of my tongue (flecked with various pine cone pieces) also adds to the spring-y picture?

Mama thought at this point that the camera was going to be out of battery - ha! It can blink red all it wants, when there is this much cuteness going on even the camera knew it couldn't quit...

Just try to resist me!!!

Oh, you think you are going to crap out on me, do you battery? I will just bust out the big guns...

Now even though many of my raincoat photos look absolutely perfect when you see them, things don't always go as smoothly as they look.

Sometimes I do have to move around a lot to keep that damn hood off of my head.

Did I mention that I don't really like the hood?

I mean it's kind of funny and all (funny that you humans think that we dogs like hoods), but who says I have to wear it on top of my head?

I could wear it jauntily off to one side...

Or try to squiggle out of it.

Now this is getting embarrassing.

Oh mama, do you really want people to see me like this? Or better yet, do you want me to be able to see at all?

Oh lookie - a picture of something that is NOT me in my raincoat. Mama and I were really amazed by the vibrant purple flowers on this tree. They are really that bright!

The rain is about to start again... time to head for home. Gotta get started on my chicken soup, don't you mama?

First a final bit of majestic posing.

And shaking.

And wistful daydreaming.

Oh the heck with that... time to JUMP UP!!!


A final walk around what mama calls the "little dog toilet" - an area where all of the little doggies do their business and not as many people pick it up as other places. Yep, it's a little dog toilet. Smells fine to me tho...

And heading for home... just as the rain starts up again. Perfect!




mare said...

Bogey's hood rasslin' made me laugh! Glad you two are well.

Nelly said...

I like your raincoat so much, and that it matches the tulips. I think you're funny when you're wrassling with that hood. You're the cutest, Bogie!
Nelly xx

K9friend said...

What great pictures! I've seen several nifty raincoats...maybe Indy needs one, too!


Dawn said...

GREAT coat Bogart! You look extra specially handsome!! Nice touch matching with the flowers!!

Bocci said...

Bogart, you look great in that coat, with or without the hood!
And Parental Unit thanks you for that gorgeous picture of the tree with the amazing color flowers!

Your buddy,

Maggie and Mitch said...

You and the tulips compliment each other perfectly, Bogie! What great pictures!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Persephone and Buster said...

well bogart, it's come to this.. a raincoat! matching the tulips? well ok, i guess you do compliment each other. and stay dry. but the hood? i agree with you...the hood has got to find another spot...mebbe cover the tail?
theBUSTER, ms.Persephone ..leave him alone, i think he's A dorable, Ms.Blue, and he's dry!

Mango said...

That is really stylish, but I agree about the hood. Who needs it?


Wyatt said...


You are a fashionista.....whatever that is! That is the coolest dog coat! Red is a good color for you.


Hollie and Janie said...

I cannot even handle how cute you are in your raincoat!! Mama tried to get me to wear one, but I refused! Of course, it wasn't nearly as adorable as your's!! We love you and your mama and your redcoat and her red hair soooo much!!