Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stumbling Around Portland

Hey Brooke and Greg! This is for you...

Mama spilled some of her secrets that you might be swinging by this way sometime this summer and that you might be staying here...

If it's true - I'm looking forward to meeting you and showing you a bit of my Portland!!!!

We were just stumbling around (we do that a lot), and found a park with a curious structure in the center. As always, we had to investigate.

Not terribly interesting - but it did smell quite nice.

And although there were no cones to be easily spotted, I FOUND A CONE

All of the rain we have had recently sure does make things pretty.

And smelly.

Ah, so it's called St. Francis Park. Good to know.

So now I'd like to just continue on my cone quest, lets head for a place that I know where cones will be. Eastbank Esplanade!

Just a few, you know, for the road...

I'm always on the road - when cones are involved! OH YEAH!!




Wyatt said...

I like the little flecks of pine cone, dirt and twigs on your tongue and nose. You're my kinda Dale!


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey buddy,

Your mama is correct ! My pinkies ARE coming to visit you in July, and they ARE staying at that hotel ! How exciting ayyyyyyy !

Pity us pups can't join them - but they are very excited to be coming to see you and your mama :)