Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Captain Wetbeard Strikes Again!

It's one of "those days" in Portland - sunny for a short time, rainy for a short time, sunny for a short time, hailing for a short time. Even some thunder that freaked me out and caused me to jump off of the bed, barking at my imaginary foe.

Sometimes even street to street you can have rain or sun. Do I need a raincoat? Can I go au naturel?

Since I'm probably about to get wet anyway, might as well freshen up the beard.

See? They fixed the William Wegman fountain so now the water level is nice and high. Much appreciated, City of Portland!

The water is also nice and fresh today, so I think I'll have a bit more.

You know, get in a nice thorough beard wash in addition to a tasty beverage. Multi-tasking at it's finest!

Notice how the beard is getting slightly washed. A little bit wet as I survey the landscape in a majestic fashion. Manly, eh?

Every once in awhile I see the police horses and mama has to hold me back - I am both excited and completely freaked out by these much-larger-than-me animals. I cannot resist their smell and of course their very fine poop (dad used to call it "camembert", and he and mama would take turns trying to keep me from eating it fresh from the tap as it were). I don't know what I would actually do if one of them even noticed me, but I do think about the possibility.

For now, it's starting to rain again so we'll be heading home. Another time noble beasts! Ride on!!!




Dawn said...

You live in a city that seems so dog friendly Bogart!

K9friend said...

Funny observations, Bogart! Indy suffers from the drippy beard syndrome, too. That's why I ask the groomer to keep it nice and short in very un-Schnauzer-like fashion!


Kodiak Grandson Falcon said...

We love reading all your post. Your city is a gteat place for taking walks.
Love Ya