Sunday, April 04, 2010

Reading is Fund-aire-mental

Sunday is often chore day. Even on a day like today when it is a holiday - no Easter egg hunts for us. And first things first, we have to return mama's library books.

She gets stuff from the library all the time, and since I can't go inside with her we utilize the book return box a lot.

It's always the same - I wait, she unloads the books, I get startled at the sound of the drawer crashing...

And then we get to go do fun-ner stuff. Alas the weather is not cooperating today (the rainy season is again upon us here in Portland) so the walkie will be a bit abbreviated. But we WILL walk, won't we mama?




Lola said...

I hope you got some fun and relaxation in there, Bogart. At least an extra treat for Easter?

wags, Lola

Mango said...

We use the drop box too, but that is because there is a warrant out for momma from the library police (OK, not really, since she pays her late fees on line). Sigh, wet walkies. At least you get a nice rub down when you get home.


K9friend said...

What a good boy to help out with the Sunday chores!