Thursday, April 05, 2007

Just Ducky

We spent the morning at Echo Park lake... I haven't been here in awhile, there is always something interesting to see. Lots of people sleep outside by the lake (I've tried to pee on them but mom always makes me stop...), there are fish and turtles in there too, but the best part is the DUCKS.

Ok, they aren't all ducks there are some geese, seagulls, pigeons, and other birds but to me they're all just ducks.

And they make a helluva ruckus when you run through them while they're sleeping. I'm not even that interested in chasing them very far or even catching them, but take a listen to what I'm talking about:

And some of them are BIG! Still, it was nice to go somewhere different than our usual walkie so no complaints from the peanut gallery.



To Aire is Divine


Bella said...

Hey there Mr Bogart - taht looks like a great fun place to go for an adventure
Happy easter holidays

Paw Power

Maggie said...

We have goosies and duckies here and I love to chase them and make they fly back into the pond! This is MY yard, not theirs!

Love ya lots,

The Airechicks said...

Hey Bogart:

Did you get to roll in the "POOPIE"

Miss Sunshade would have loved to be with you.....

Nice walk were a very nice boy..

Dory and Liza said...


Real live birdies!! I am jealous all I have is a stuffed managerie that includes a mallard, goose, wood duck and a pheasant!!

Have a happy happy day!

Wet nose smooches - Dory

Lillie Valentine said...

That looked like fun. I love to chase the kitty but she makes these strange kissing noise (mom: I think you mean hissing) and then someone always picks her up!

Liberty Doo Dah said...

Heyya Bogie!

I get excited just seeing one of those nasty little crows down the sidewalk! I'm not sure that I could control myself w/all those birds!


Jackson said...

I thought you were very restrained. I would have chased them and barked like a maniac. We have lots of seagulls here and all they do is try and poop on your head or steal food from you. I've had several near misses! J x