Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sunday in the NW with Cones

Before the rains come again, I convinced mama to take a long walkie today, even though she was less than entirely enthusiastic when we started.

This way mama! THERE ARE CONES

Oh yeah. Tons of perfect packages of pine-cone-y goodness. The better to fit larger amounts into my mouth!

It was during this brief rest stop that I began to count how many cones I had in my possession. Usually I can comfortably fit 4 large-ish pine cones in my mighty jaws. But these little ones? More like 10...

Impressive, eh?

What mama? You want to walk before the rain starts? I blow raspberries in your general direction...

And then politely ask for a glass of water as we pass by Kettleman's bagels.

Mmm... replenishment.




Nelly said...

You can fit 10 pine cones in your mouth? Impressive!
We've never seen a doggie blow raspberries ...
Nelly xx

K9friend said...

I am so impressed by your pine-cone-collecting talents. They must feel pretty prickly on the tongue, but you obviously handle it without a problem!