Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mama-Son Day

In anticipation of Mother's Day, mama and I decided to have a "Mother-Sun" Day - on Saturday. The weather was going to be cooperative (first day without the threat of rain in awhile!), so she rented a car for the whole entire day (instead of a few hours like usual) and we set off to spend the day together!

First we had to fortify a bit - so a pit stop at Panera Bread for an indulgent croissant...

That's right everyone, she's MY MAMA and we are enjoying a croissant together on our special day. EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT!

Then it was off to a place I haven't been in way too long - Mt. Tabor! The volcano that ISN'T breaking down European air travel.

We brought some snacks, some water, and a blankie but first we had to earn our little picnic by walking around and around all the way up to the top. I visit the local salad bar on the way.

Ah, it's so darned pretty out here today. Green, lush, warm and lovely.

Yes thank you, I will take a little time to relax and watch the world around me. This is perched at the top of a very long flight of concrete stairs on top of the volcano. So after you work your butt off, YOU SHOULD RELAX.

But there are PINE CONES up here at the top - so no relaxing just yet!

See? Pine cone residue. FUN FUN FUN

They fall from the sky, from the great trees here in the Northwest.

And what other great things can you find on the top of a volcano on a lovely spring day? AIREDALES! This is Ollie, and we've never met before.

I am VERY envious of his major disco pants (dad's name for the super-furry paws) as I have never been able to grow lush, substantial ones myself.

He's a handsome devil, and we had a really great time running around together - catch you again sometime Ollie!

Now... What is this? Bonus points if you can guess before you scroll down.

I had no idea either, so we went in for closer inspection.

It's a giant ACUPUNCTURE NEEDLE. Um, of course. It is placed on the acupuncture point name Open Water and on the meridan Lung.

I thought it might need a little lubrication after being stuck in one spot for so long. So I did my part for public art (yet again).

The giant acupuncture needle generates a lot of attention - it's got to be 25-30 feet tall - lots of people and doggies were stopping to check it out. From what I saw, no one knew what it was so if you didn't guess you are in good company.

Snacks aren't always enough. We needed lunch. And I needed a bucket of water.

It's been a really long time since we've been here to the Hawthorne Fish House. This was one of dad's favorite Portland places, he was a big fan of their cod fish and chips. Mama likes the gardenburger, and we all go nuts for the fries. Luckily there was a spot at an outdoor table, so we settled in for a big treat.

Just like we always used to do, mama "fed" dad some of her fries because he would always finish his first. So we did a little tribute to you, dad. You'll be happy to know that I got to eat all of "dad's" fries. And from what I hear the gardenburger was delicious.

Not content to walk in one park when we had a car for a whole day, lets visit another:

This is really one of the best days ever - park after park after park...

We need to have Mother-Son day much more often, I'm thinking like every weekend. A boy could get used to this.

It was so lovely there were even turtles out catching some sun!

Oh Laurelhurst Park, you never disappoint me.

So here's some love for ALL of the mother's out there - human, canine, feline, whatever - give your mama a big extra special Aire Kiss this weekend!!!




Sunny,Scooter(sometimes Jamie) said...

Happy mama's day Lulu! Man what a great day y'all had Bogart! Sooo fun. Scooter honed right in on the french fries. I like them too!
The giant acupuncture needle?!?! Wierd. But a good place to lift, eh?

Asta said...

You know how to tweat youw Momma (ow is it the othew way awound?) to the bestest Momma's day!
I send hew my love too and copious amounts of smoochie kisses to bof of you!
pee ess..youw new fwiend may have gweat disco pantses, but thewe is no one like you Bogie!!!

Finni said...

What a great way to spend Mother-Son day! I'm quite partial to the salad bar myself - yours looks lovely and lush.
That giant acupuncture needle made mum's eyes water - scared of needles!!
Finni xx

Molly,Taffy and Monty said...

Happy Mother's Day Lulu.

Such a lovely Mother-son Day out you had yesterday Bogart, we would love to visit all your wonderful parks, you would be the best guide any dog could possibly have.

Molly, Taffy and Monty

Lorenza said...

You two had a pawesome day!
Happy Mother's Day, Lulu!
Kisses and hugs

Southbaygirl said...

Bogart...what a great day with your Momma!!! Wow! Parks, doesn't get much better than that!! I think you need to tell your Mom that every weekend you need a day like that!!



The 3 G-Dales said...

Lu-lu and Bogart...we are so happy that you got out to 2 parks and had a regular pawty on the road for yoru fabby mother & son day! What a pawesome idea! WE send you lots of love.....The Griffindales!

sarah doow said...

That sunburst photo is fantastic!