Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dog Day: Afternoon

I thought the excitement for today was over. But no... we decided to try to find the entrance to Forest Park again, taking advantage of the relative grey-ness of the day, and SUCCESS!

Instead of crossing the bridge like we did last time, we took the stairs down, and boom - FOREST!

I can already smell it - I'm gonna LOVE this.

Watery, mossy, lots of dog and animal smells...

And... a Welsh Terrier!

This is Deacon - an incredibly handsome little guy.

He's tall for a Welshie so his parents think he might be mixed with something else... I of course suggested that there might be some mighty Airedale in there.

We did play, we did romp, I did get grumpy from time to time - but it is always so cool to see other terriers of the Welsh and Airedale persuasions!

So back to all of this mossy goodness. The trail is pretty long and while we didn't expect to go all the way we did manage to spend two hours walking up and down.

I love the forests of the Northwest. They're so green and so incredibly beautiful, and so full of wonderful smells everywhere.

Just another view... looks like a painting, doesn't it?

This is Jackson (the black boy) and Gillian (the white girl) - two beautiful poodles that were heading down as we were heading up.

I tried my best to make some time with Gillian, but she seems to be an old-fashioned sort of gal. No kissy on the first date. That's ok pretty girl, I can wait...




Ruby said...

What a beautiful forest you found Bogart...and they let doggies in to enjoy it. That's great. Around here, all the National Parks say No Dogs - which means no fun for us.

So good to get out in nature.


animal lover, quilt lover said...

You and Mom are so entertaining, Bogart. Love to see you trips!!

Molly,Taffy and Monty said...

Oh wow Bogart that was good to meet a WT! We think he is very handsome, he is quite tall but some of our WT friends are quite tall as well.

Meeting Gracie and Deacon certainly made your day an extremely good one.

Molly, Taffy and Monty

Bell and Kimberly said...

you have a good sniffer like me do... I followed your blog - wanna follows mine? Mama says that walky looked soo fun - I'd run through it with my nose down personally. maybe you too???
Hi from Sandy Eggo - have you ever comed here? It's fun fun fun in the sun.

Bell girl

Hollie and Janie said...

That forest is gorgeous! That Deacon sure is a cute little guy! Those poodles were awesome! I play with a black standard at the park all the time!

Stanley said...

MAN, Bogart!

You had yourself a fab Sunday. First Gracie, then the Welshie & the Doodles! You're a pup magnet, man. I sure hope you and Gracie get to spend some more time together. She looks like she's still got a LOT of pup left in her.

I get growly sometimes too, but it's all part of the dance, right? I can understand, especially for you, since you're your mama's main man and all.

I'm just trying to get my girl to get off her lazy booty and take me for a simple walk. She keeps saying we'll get to it. C'mON, woman!

Goober love,

Chloe and Libby said...

Wow Bogart!!! Look at all those trails with trees and so much nature and new smells to encounter! Must get mommy to take me somewhere like that, my backyard is getting awfully boring! I would love to come visit you!
Chloe(kisses enclosed)

Cassie said...

That little Welshie looked like our Hootie! Some have mentioned that he has long legs too!

ps-Our word verification on this is "cardog"!!!