Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hiking Forest Park

Mama promised me last weekend when we finally found the entrance to Forest Park that we would come back the following weekend and do a REAL hike. Surprisingly, I did not have to remind her.

It's another hot day here in Portland, so walking in the relative shade and coolness of the forest is fantastic.

And as this is a relatively new area for me to explore, the pee-mail is extensive. I wouldn't want to miss an important message (just like you humans).

This is the Stone House. I am sure there is a story to go with it, but we couldn't find a sign to tell us much about it. No matter to me as I was only interested in climbing up there and exploring.

And of course, posing elegantly.

It's small but cool and fun to walk through.

And - again - to pose in.

Mama took a moment to check the camera - she took a photo of the sign when we first came in so that we could do the 2 mile hike today (there are apparently a lot of turns onto and off of trails). I had other ideas.

Just follow me - I can figure out where we're going.

In my world, FORWARD is pretty much the only way to go. I don't actually care where the destination is, so long as we're walking and moving forward. Except for those times when the irresistible smell of a girlie dog or dropped food distracts me.

Or of course when I'm craving a little liquid refreshment from that water bottle, mama.

The Wildwood Trail is apparently quite long but we were only on it for awhile. It goes up high - the original trail is pretty flat - so we got to work on our butts. Never a bad thing, is it?

Another cool doggie encounter - 4 TERRIERS!

They were running with their human, as a pack, nicely behind him. I tried to ask them some questions about this, you know, things like how do you avoid getting all tangled up in each others' leashes, and how to slow down the human when something fascinating is detected during a run.

They were all really precious and friendly, and I was feeling friendly too.

Heading upslope = nice, firm butt.

Even though mama brought along the water bottle, I could not resist a little self-serve at the drinking fountain.

It's cold, it's recirculating, it's just like the Drinkwell at home. Happy camper.

On the way home - did I mention it's HOT out today? - I was again thirsty. Conveniently, we just happened to be walking by Kettleman's Bagels so why don't we stop for a bagel and a tall drink of water?

Dad used to always call me the "cafe dog" because of my preference to drink right from the cup rather than a bowl placed specifically for me onto the ground.

I just love you mama, and am happy to drag you out of bed every day so that we may walk for long distances with no specific destination in mind.




animal lover, quilt lover said...

What a wonderful walk you had today! Bambi and I use to do the same thing. Everyday we would go to the park and walk the different trails. Joker and I use to walk 5 miles a day ,7 days a week. 365 days a year. No more, I am not in good shap anymore. I have a spine that is falling apart. We enjoyed sharing your day with you. Fern

Chloe and Libby said...

Wow, wow, wow, you get to go soooo many cool places. I want to come and go with you sometime, that's what I keep telling my mommy, but she says you live too far away. *Pei sighs*
Guess I'll just have to keep reading about it.
My mommy says to tell your mommy that your picture was too cute of you drinking out of the fountain, it made her giggle. It was nice to hear her giggle, she's been feeling a bit sad lately, so I thank you handsome Bogart, for making my mommy giggle. I'd give you a peilicous kiss if I could reach ya!

Alasandra said...

Hi Bogart, that looks like a pawsome walk. ~S,S,C & F

erin said...

That walk looked really neat! You sure do get to go on long walkies!
Keeley & Teagan