Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Saw the Sign

Ah, signs. Today was a day of interesting things catching my eye. Sometimes funny ones...

Sometimes more poignant ones.

I too dream of a new dog harness. As much as I enjoy my green "adventure harness" it's not completely ideal. Mama likes it because she can grab it and pull me off of my feet if I get into a scramble with another dog. Sometimes for me tho it moves around too much for my liking. I'm thinking something spiffier mama,perhaps a little more trim to show off my athletic physique, maybe think about that for my birthday.

Other signs point toward HEAT. 85 degrees here today in the Pearl. Take me home to my Drinkwell fountain!




Two Schnauzers from New England said...

Hi, Bogart -

You are not the only one who has a harness. I (Hershey) have a pink harness that Mama uses when we take walks together.

Love -


Martha Basset said...

Hi Bogart
You saw some interesting signs - first one funny - second one as you say poignant!
We too are looking for new harnesses - we will be interested to see if you get one for your birthday.
Of course being an airedale you are not the odd shape of us bassets!
Have a lovely day Bogart.
Martha & Bailey xx

Maggie and Mitch said...

We both have harnesses like the ones that Sunshade and Jaffa wear. I get to wear mine when we climb Sleeping Giant and Mitch's hangs in the closet because he pulls way too much and needs the prong collar at this time in his life! We hope you get your new spiffy harness, Bogie!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

pughy said...

Those signs are so funny. You will have to keep dropping hints to mum about a harness. I think you look ok in that one though.

Wow it sure is hot at your place.

Hugs GJ x

Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

I have harness too and mom always put it on me when we going for walkie.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Mom got leaky with the sekhond sign -

I'm not sure why - she won't tell me -

Try and stay khool Handsome!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Bogart!
You found interesting signs today!
Here we had 104 degrees!
Have a great weekend
Kisses and hugs

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Hi Boggie! We've missed seeing your blog the past few weeks. We're in N.Idaho now with NO land line!! Come on over and see what Hootie found in the woods the other day. We have lots of pine cones here if you want to come visit us!
Smooches, BabyRocketDog & Hootie

Southbay Girl said...

Bogart, I have a harness for the exact same reason-so mom can lift me up if I get in a tussle!!

I hope it cooled off today!



Moco said...

We love our drinkwell fountain also. The water is always flowing. We even share it with the cats.

Molly and Taffy said...

Hi Bogart

We hope your wish comes true and you receive a nice new harness for your barkday.

However we hasten to add you do look extremely handsome in your present harnesss.

Happy weekend.

Molly and Taffy