Thursday, May 07, 2009

First Thursday

First Thursday here in the Pearl District is ART time - all of the local galleries have their openings, and lots of people forget how to properly park or cross the street. And don't get me started on their behavior while I'm in an intersection...

I even saw some of the trendy art horde messing with the pretty lights on this tree. Damn You Trendy Art Horde!!!

As you may already know, Portland is a very dog-friendly town. You would think that a dog wouldn't be allowed into many art galleries.. and you would be incorrect. True, I cannot go into the gallery with the Picasso's or the Dali's, but there are plenty of places that I can explore.

I SAID EXPLORE, not stand outside in front of while the trendy art hordes do their walking-slowly-by-the-gallery-window-to-see-if-the-artwork-inside-is-cool-enough-for-them...

In addition to the galleries being open, now they've set up an outdoor crafts market. I saw artwork, jewelry, clothing, all sorts of interesting stuff.

And outdoors = no problemo for pooch!

I do enjoy the funkier spaces, mama likes the artwork, and they're usually the most dog-friendly. These art pieces were made by the mama of a doggie that I've seen in the park!

As I am also a work of art, I can appreciate all that goes into everything I've seen tonight. These pieces obviously required less kibble than I do, yet they bring pleasure in a similar way that I do. Just looking at me makes people smile, and I saw lots of smiles in the galleries. Goodness all around.




Moco said...

Portland is a wonderful city full of great adventures. Rose Festival is coming.

Stanley said...


Good for you. You're taking care of the mama and that's a very important thing. Sounds like you two are on a good regimen together. My girl said she's felt very similar things to what your mama described (wanting to pull the covers over her head and let the day pass - or the week pass) before, and for much less painful things.

Speaking of dreams, and I know this is gonna sound crazy, but my girl had a dream in which your mama and your dad made cameos. It was one of those dreams where people from all parts and times of your life are together at once (even though they don't know each other). Very surreal.

We're sending some goob love and some jealous yearnings to be gallery hopping with you, man. Next roadtrip (after NYC) is definitely going to be westward HO!

Goober love,

TwoSpecialWires said...


You are clearly a very cultured Airedog. Something to aspire to.

Thanks for sharing, bud. Your pictures may be as close to we come to Portland art galleries and markets.

Your pawsistent wirefriends, Jake and Fergi

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Bogart, this is another side of you that I've never seen. An art connoisseur! I like it, you handsome devil you!!
AireKisses, BabyRocketDog

Did you try to leave any peemail at the art galleries? he he.
Your friend, Hootie

Martha Basset said...

We are impressed that you are a canine who wants to broaden his mind by visiting art galleries. We cannot understand why humans would not let you in.
We have just come back from a holiday on the Isle of Skye and they would not let us into the museums!
We were keen to see the disasaur footprints!
Other than that you had a great day out with your mom.
Martha & Bailey xx

Noah the Airedale said...

There's no way we'd be allowed in the art galleries here. Sounds like you live in a very dog friendly place Bogie. Did you see any Van Dogs....

Noah x

Maggie and Mitch said...

Wow! That'll be the day when we're allowed into the art galleries! You're sure lucky, Bogie!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Joe Stains said...

That looks like fun buddy!!

Molly and Taffy said...

Hi Bogart

That is excellent you can share these experiences with your Mum.

Molly and Taffy

Asta said...

Sounds like the kind of day mommi would enjoy wif me(xept fow the twendy awt howdes--those we don't like, hehehe)
I'm glad you'we taking youw Mama out to show hew off.Lucky powtlandews who get to see you
smoochie kisses

aninhas said...

Hi Bogie!
That looks like so cool!
That was a big big day...
You dont look any tired :D
How you do it?

hugs and kisses from kikos world