Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hail to the Chief

Ah yes, it is a FANTASTIC day today! My homeboy, Barack Obama, becomes PRESIDENT today. We are both black-and-tan, so I do feel like we have a bond, you know? That was a pretty sweet limo he was riding in this morning, and how cool was it when he and his wife Michelle got out and walked? Awesome-ness.

So I was feeling inspired by all of this sentiment. I decided that I too would like to walk. With my secret-service guy in tow...

Nobody messes with my dad!!!

We spent a lovely hour or so traipsiing up and down the extinct volcano that is Mt. Tabor. My trusty security detail keeping away the autograph hunters and groupies (although if there had been any female Airedale groupies they'd get whisked backstage if ya know what I mean - wink wink nudge nudge)!

Because we have had such windy conditions here recently, there are lots of trees that have been knocked down and branches everywhere. To me this is a good thing - easy access to sticks - but many of the humans don't see it that way.

In addition to sticks being torn asunder, there are absolute FIELDS of pine cones. I really cannot believe my eyes at how many there are...

Ok, you guys can go, I'm gonna stay here.

Walkie = hungrie. Since we were already close to Hawthorne, lets pop in for some fish and chips at the Hawthorne Fish House, shall we?

I did get some although there are no pictures to prove it. It was cold and windy outside so mama was busy eating her Gardenburger with her fingers trying to keep warm. At least they didn't make me "guard the car" while they ate inside...

Sometimes you just have to show them who's boss. The humans have "talk to the hand", I prefer the far more colorful "talk to my butt"

Hehehe - I got you to look at my butt!!!

Ah well, I'm still basking in the afterglow of this historic day, and hoping that all goes well for my boy Barack.

I haven't received the call yet about that diplomatic post I've been hankering for by the way big guy - you know, Ambassador-to-somewhere-yummy or Secretary-of-something-delicious? Whenever you need me man I'M HERE FOR YOU

Just waiting for that phone to ring.

Oh wait, you do have my email address, don't you? Just gimme a shout...



Chez Bogart

To Aire is Divine


Cassie said...

Oh Bogart,you handsome devil. You are so cute & clever too. sloppy kisses,BabyRocketDog

Stanley said...


Barack is definitely your homeboy, and mine too! My girl made sure we got to see all of the innaugural coverage. We're so proud the hoomans finally made a good choice.

Once again, my girl is enamored with your fuzzface and the naturalness of your coif. We got an eyefull with the butt shot. SOOOO not used to seeing anydog who is INTACT. So, when you going to put your juice to good use and make some Bogart babies? Hmmm?

Just wondering...

Goober love,

Maggie and Mitch said...

You're furbutt is furrier than Mitch's is, Bogie! Mom keeps telling him he needs a shave!
Seeing all of those pinecones reminds us of Miss Sunshade!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Asta said...

You and Youw homeboy Bawack Wock!!!
I hope he offews you some vewy special post..official stick testew..pine cone munchew, bwatwuwst testew?the possibilities awe endless!
ow you could just hang out and look gweat in his photogwaphs..I like youw secoowity detail..vewy snazzy..
smoochie kisses