Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Zen Puppy

Zen Puppy

Ok, I was never meant to get these.

Zen Puppy

It's not that I don't deserve them - I can indeed Zen out - it's just that when mom first saw them in the supermarket they were 8 dollars for a box. A little pricey for a dog who doesn't like most dog food.

Zen Puppy

But tonight there was a breakthrough - she saw them in the 99cent store.

Zen Puppy

So rather than going gung-ho and buying lots of boxes, she cleverly bought one. The energy one. Since most likely I wouldn't like 'em.

Zen Puppy

Zen Puppy

Guess what? THEY'RE DELICIOUS! And I don't like many treats, much dog food, and even most human food. I gulped down a few without hesitation. So mom, what are you waiting for? Get back to the 99cent store and get me some MORE!!!

Zen Puppy

Zen Puppy

So if any premium dog food or treat companies want to run their new products past the most finicky dog in the universe, I'M YOUR MAN.



To Aire is Divine


Maggie said...

We've seen this brand before but haven't tried it yet. Did they give you more energy? Like you would need anymore,right!!

Love ya lots,

Jackson said...

They look tasty. But then I'm not picky; I'll eat ANYTHING! J x

The Airechicks said...


Dude you need to get an agent....
Commericals are in your future - you need to be the spokesdale for those folks...

We think you need to be in the PETSMART TV spots too...

Sammawow, China & Willow said...

That is the greatest treat enjoyment that we have ever seen!

Stanley said...


You are the model of AireZEN! If you were any more Zen you might fly off to Nirvana. Good for you, but a blow to the world (and especially me, buddy).

Goober love,

fee said...

they look like buttons! are they sweet or savoury?


Ben_Benjamin said...

What?? Zen puppy?? Is Mom getting a puppy?? SHe never inform me ler!!!

Ops...is the brand of the treats..hmm sorry...kinda confuse here....I gotta go, its kinda embaressing here...

Bernard Hinault Lilje said...

So Zen man!!! Guess I need to send my mom out for those...woman, where are you!?!


Hercules said...


I have some of those treats too! I love those things! Mom has to be careful with what treats I have because they mess up my digestive track...but those are really great!

Enjoy the Zen!

Booty scratches and wet kisses!


Koobuss said...

What's that stuff you are eating, Bogart? It really looks good.

So you are looking for a job as a food tester? That sounds like a great occupation to me. I really like that. Let me know if there are any openings.

Lots of Koobuss Kisses,