Friday, August 31, 2007

Presents from GooberStan

A place that I hope to visit someday, it looks like a spot I'd like an awful lot of SERIOUS fun...

But in the meantime a bit of GooberStan was right here in sweltering hot Los Angeles! I'm a bit late in posting about the FANTASTIC box that arrived from that great, fuzzy place because of some technical issues with my secretary (that's mom). She will, of course, apologize profusely for the oversight.

Hell, in the meantime, I'm busy enjoying this cool box 'o stuff - not just one but TWO bandanas (a camo and a skull one, I feel SO BADASS), treats, bully sticks, a tennis ball-and-holder, a kitty note pad (LOVE this), a patch that says Dale (this made mom l-a-u-g-h...), a c-r-a-z-y squeaky fish (that I'm not allowed to play with at night... apparently I get a little carried away and the sound alerts the humans while they're sleeping), a stuffed octopus (this is officially my newest favorite stuffy - right after the chicken-on-a-rope that I got from Charlie & Opy and the tennis-ball-attached toy I got from Faya, and the squeaky carrot I got from Maggie & Mitch - as you can see it's already got some fine Los Angeles dirt all over it).

I hope you noticed that mom and I tried to put in as many cute Dale-nose-shots as possible - just for you!!!!

Then the piece-de-resistance, a Stanley magnet, or as we've been calling it, The Stangnet. It's on our refrigerator at mom's eye height, so she can see it every time she reaches for more cold, frosty iced tea (which she will invariably spit out of her nose when she laughs - it's really quite endearing).

Thought you’d also like to see what the box that the Firehouse Dogs poster came in… ah, my dreamgirl




To Aire is Divine


Simba said...

Pressie's are so much fun!! You are a lucky pup to have such pawesome friends!!


Stanley said...


I am pleased you are enjoying your presents! You have been the best bud to me. Some would say it's just an internet thing, but I'm convinced that if we met snout-to-snout we'd have the best wrasslin' match and bitey face session either of us could EVER imagine!

I sent you some of my most FAVE-O-RITE things! That squeaky fish is the coolest and my absolute fave. Glad your mama & dad love it too! (Would they like one of their very own?)

Goober love & extra birthday kisses,

Cubby said...

Nice Occy! We love Occy stuffies here!

Maggie said...

You got that crazy big lipped fishy too! Stanley sends the best pressies, doesn't he!
We're home Bogie and it feels so good to be in my own house with my own stuff!

Love ya lots,

Hercules said...


Stanley is a great guy isn't he! You got an octopus?! That looks like crazy fun!

Booty scratches and wet kisses,


Koobuss said...

Hi Bogart!!

A belated Happy Birthday!!

Looks like you got some really cool presents!! That's great. Have fun!

Koobuss Kisses,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bogart
Glad you got all those nice presents from Stan. They all look great! And sure you are enjoying all of them!
Have fun!