Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Airedale Habit

Ah, Saturdays. For lunch today after mom got out of work we decided to head over to Glendale... at first I thought hey, that means a Rally Burger but no. Today it was The Habit so mom could have a veggie burger too...

No burger for me, dad must have been a hungry man. A few fries "fell" off the table from moms side, so I was happy to scoop those up.

Then we had another "Aire sighting" moment.. I of course LOVE it when folks know that I'm an Airedale (and not a muppet, a something-doodle, or a stuffed animal like most humans seem to think I am) and not only did these humans know I was an Airedale but they had had a Dale of their very own named Bear awhile ago.

We sat and told Aire-stories and then mom HAD to have us pose for some photos - this is me and my new friend Carrie, she's an excellent head-scratcher! Thanks for the petting, I hope you guys get a new Airedale of your own sometime soon!

(and I'd better get a burger next time...)



To Aire is Divine


Putter said...


What a super duper funnest outing! :)

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Stanley said...


You are the best Aire Ambassador!! You're probably used to people pawing at you and trying to give you scratches. Glad your new friend knew how to give you an excellent head scratch.

About the Burger, maybe you could get 2 next time to make up for the Burger-that-wasn't this time.

Goober love,

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

Bogart you are a lady killer! I can't believe your folks didn't stop to get you a burger. So sad! Oh well, at least you got some fries. Better luck next time!

Faya said...

Only my humans can scratch my head.... I don't like stranger so much. I hope next time you will have your burger... Kiss, Faya

China Cat & Willow said...

That sounds like a great outing that you had. And you are certainly very photogenic indeed!

This is our first visit here and we really enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading of your adventures. Please check the email that we just sent to you!

Cubby said...

I love french fries!

And I feel your pain about humans. They always think I'm a pit bull!

Sundae said...

Whoa! Looks like you had loads of fun the past few days.