Sunday, July 09, 2006

Summer in Springfield

Lots of walking for me today... first mom and I did a tour around the Silver Lake Reservoir (notice me ignoring the No Tresspassing signs), then a quick trip to the dog park (where we didn't know anyone - how weird is that?) where I had a quick drink and then it was back into the Bogie-mobile.

It's still incredibly hot here and I spend the majority of my middays in front of my best friend, the FAN. I thought I'd get a few hours with my newest buddy until...

Mom came home and brought me this great new toy - it's Homer Simpson! What do you mean how do I know that... mom and dad watch the Simpsons all the time. I know a Duff man when I see him...

So I got to run around with it in the evil summer heat. Fun to be sure, but definitely more work than it should have been.

But thanks mom, I really do love it...



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