Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Mom was listening to old Cure songs today (what can I say, she's an old Goth from way back) and the song Hot Hot Hot came on. My sentiments exactly.

It's really getting hard to do anything other than the most basic things: sleeping, pooping, occasionally eating (unless it's treats, that doesn't count as basic that's a requirement). Mom tried another of her great ideas which was to squirt me down from across the room with a water bottle to wet my fur. Yeah mom, I get it, it does kind of work but you look like a grinning hyena while you're doing it so STOP!

There was one good thing that the heat inspired today. A few days ago Dad got a haircut and I've been very jealous of all the compliments he's been getting lately whenever he hobbles out of the apartment. I kept looking at mom with my head tilted sideways, eyelashes batting, tongue hanging out so that I look like I'm smiling... I NEED THAT KIND OF ATTENTION AND I NEED IT NOW. So she finally got it, and took out a pair of scissors to clip a little around my neck and head so that I'd be a little more 'rectangular'. It's a bit cooler for me, which I love, and if I do say so myself I am looking rather ruggedly handsome...

But I'd look soooo much better if I wasn't panting/sweating every minute of the day (and night - it's even hot here at night when there's no sun!!!!)... I was asking the cats about the heat, you know, maybe see how they're able to handle it so well, and this is what Behemoth said:

And this is what Kafka said:

So I think the general idea is to just sleep... and deal with it. Got it, thanks guys!



Watch me sweatin' to the oldies on my other blog:

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