Sunday, July 02, 2006

Boom Boom

Well this weekend is the 4th of July. Big deal, I said, when mom told me about it. But then she reminded me that all the loud noises I've been hearing lately (and cowering from, ok ya got me) are due to this holiday.

I'm still firmly of the opinion that this shouldn't be allowed. Do you have any idea how LOUD those noises are? No you don't - you're just humans - and have substandard hearing. I promise you that the sounds are completely unbearable and would make you run for the hills too if you heard them like we do.

So in the spirit of making everyone feel guilty while they enjoy their holiday, I offer the following PSA on the Fourth of July:

While I'm with you that the giant light show is pretty, it's TOO FREAKING LOUD. You humans are so smart, you should be able to come up with a way to have the pretty light show WITHOUT ALL THE NOISE. The noise is so loud and confusing, it makes us dogs and cats run like the wind in the opposite direction. We'll jump fences, run out of yards, pull the leash until it comes with us (owner's arm attached or not), we'll basically do anything we can to get away from that awful sound. Every year many pets wind up homeless or in shelters because they ran away during a nearby fireworks show. Don't let yours be one of them!!!

Because we live right next to Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, mom already has a plan to make sure that my 4 cat buddies and me don't freak out during the main fireworks show. That's a gooooood mom. It would be very difficult to run super fast with this bandage on my foot (but I'd find a way, I promise).

Oh, and those fireworks set off all of the car alarms in the neighborhood. What's up with that?

OK, PSA over and out.



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