Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Importance of Being Batteries

Ah, the battery issue... AGAIN.

Yesterday as I was cowering in fear behaving bravely in the face of certain fireworks-related-danger there were plenty of opportunities for photographs. Preserving my first Fourth of July on pixels. Updating everyone on my continuing drama with the foxtails. Showing what a scaredy cat proud pooch I was when the neighborhood was alight with color and those oh-so-loud noises that you humans all love to ooh and aah at.

But alas, mom was OUT OF BATTERY. So today she got herself one of those newfangled rechargable batteries (because of course her camera doesn't take the ordinary AA batteries like her old one did... this one only takes the new, more expensive, and okay longer lasting ones). She's charging it RIGHT NOW. So in the morning there will be no excuses tolerated for having taken no photos of me for 2 days in a row. Ever again. No way.

I can see that these battery-things must somehow control the world. It seems like so many super important things get interrupted when a device is out of battery. I must investigate these powerful objects to see exactly where the source of their power lies, and find some way to use this to my advantage in the future. I will get back to you with my findings.



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