Saturday, March 12, 2011

Party at Chez Bogart

Saturday nights at my place are always a blast - me and mama have to come up with ways to amuse ourselves, and you know that means trouble.

There's singing... (she calls it howling along with passing ambulances, I call it singing damnit).

And of course, EATING... I raided that crockpot for every last drop of turkey soup goodness tonight.

Then busting out funny costumes that I won't wear and trying to take some completely-unincriminating photos.  It's good to live with someone who knows how to party.  Mama is LUCKY to have me around.


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Diane's "Jack the cat" said...

Looks like you two know how to party!! Love the Tiara, Lulu!!! you both look so happy! Great pics~!
Diane & Jack Kitteh (Upstate NY)