Saturday, November 13, 2010

Homeland Secur-aire-ty


I've always felt that I provide security services for mama, maybe now I'm ready to branch out and protect the entire country. See? No bad guys coming from that way.

Bare minimum, no one is going to get close to my mama. Of that I am sure. But I would look awfully cool riding shotgun in this car.

What do you mean step away from the car... What am I doing? Well, my civic duty, of course. Wanna be in some pictures with me? Ah well, maybe next time (chicken)...




Tucker said...

I know I'd sure feel safe with you around, Bogart! Your mom is lucky to have you!

Tucker's Mom

♥MONA + MOMMY TOO♥ said...

Hi Bogart,

Sorry we haven't been around much but we think of you and your Mommy all the time. We've been reading some of your older posts. Happy belated birthday to your Mom.


Olive said...

Awww you look tough! You will keep us all safe :)

Tail Wags from Olive

Bocci said...

You're an awesome guard dog, Bogie!

Mango said...

Bogart! What are you wearing? You look like you joined a gang of thugs.