Monday, November 22, 2010

Deck the Park With Trees of Holly...

Out of my way! I'm on a mission!

I must poop, and I must find exactly the right spot. THIS IS IMPORTANT, PEOPLE...

Notice how my demeanor has changed - now I am just strolling along the foliage in Rittenhouse Square park. That's because I finally pooped - after a days' worth of non-pooping. WHEW!

These must be new - I haven't noticed them before.

Investigative Reporter, Bogart Handsome Devil, LIVE on the scene.

Is this... Holly? It looks like it, it has red berries and bright green leaves. And it's a big Holly Tree, actually if I am not mistaken.

Yep, there are Christmas lights in there. MUST be a holly tree.

I was thinking it might be mistletoe, and then I could get some kisses from some fine girl dogs who might be wandering by... but who am I kidding, I can get those any day of the week just with my rugged handsomeness.

I'd better check it out thoroughly, though. You never know what could be lurking down deep inside.

Or over here.

All clear folks. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along!



Tucker said...

Bogart, you are quite the investigative reporter! You left no leaf (or berry) unturned! Great job!

Asta said...


I love youw inquisitive mind. wif youw wugged handsomeness it's a heady combination
I will cewtainly kiss you wif ow wifout mistletoe
soochie kisses