Friday, October 26, 2007

Airedale Cafe

While there are still fires all around SoCal, in the area that I live it's just really, really smoky. Lots of what looks like fog but it pretty disgusting to breathe in. We wanted to go out today for a nice long walky but wound up doing a short one through Pasadena.

Of course the first stop is the Lovebirds Cafe - a prime Aire-dmiration spot indeed. Look at the silliness I was forced to endure - our order was number 55 so dad put the table tag on my collar and I walked around this way, all while the humans were giggling. Ha ha, that's soooo funny...

On our way home we got stuck in some nasty traffic as they're ripping up Arroyo Parkway... so we swung into Petco (my vote) to pick up some of that tasty Deli Fresh roll.

Since I got those free ones I've been hooked - I like to have a slice for breakfast. We needed more so off we went through the store.

Here's the refrigerated case where the most-excellent Deli Fresh rolls are kept. Notice how I help dad.

On the way back I noticed some bones that would be a lot of fun to chomp on during the long hours in the daytime when mom is at her supposed "work"-thing. I tried it out for size and it seemed perfect, but since dad didn't carry it away with us I'll have to assume that he will get one for me next time.

Then my most favoritest place - the cat food palette. Yes dogs, I am a true aficionado of the wet cat food. Can't explain it other than that I grew up with 4 kitties and their food always seemed (and smelled) tastier than my own. In fact, until dad started making food for me sometimes cat food was the only thing I'd eat. Go figure.

Back in traffic I noticed this little guy - he seemed to be enjoying himself even tho my mom thought he was ready to jump out at any moment. Hope they had him on a leash!

Look at how hazy it is - usually it's crystal-clear with blue skies - that's all of the crap that's currently coating the Bogie-mobile. Of course mom is using that as an excuse as well - so she doesn't have to wash the Bogie-mobile. Lazy mom.

Once home I craved a little time in the park. I thought that maybe I'd have to poop so I gave mom the begging eyes and we had a little run. Some stick-work, some pine-cone-kicking, but not for too long as we were both coughing a bit. So back inside we went.

All in all, still fun despite the not being able to breathe bit.



To Aire is Divine


Maggie & Mitch said...

We love Petco too, Bogie! I'm glad you got to go! Bummer that you didn't get everything that you wanted!
Those fires were just horrible. What damage they do! Life just isn't fair sometimes :-(

Love ya lots,

Harry said...

I'm glad you're safe. I hope Maggie down in San Diego is OK too.

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Stanley said...


I'm stinkin' glad you're doing well despite everything going on out there! Can't believe how much destruction can happen in such a short time.

Give your mama some goober kisses from me & have her give some to you from me. They help with the smoke inhalation.

Goober love,

Boy said...

Sounds wike you weawwy had a fun day! The haze sucks, don't bweathe in too much of it!

Kirby said...

Hi Bogart,

I'm a huge fan of Petco too. I'm glad you got to go there and do some dog shopping after your stint as a table number holder. I've got to try that Deli Fresh roll. I know you've given it your paws up, so it's worth trying. Too bad about the bone, that one looked like hours and hours of yummy chewing.
I'm sorry the air is so yucky outside. My mommy's aunt lives in Santa Monica and she's been saying how yucky it is out there too. Stay in and breathe deep. When outside stay low to the ground, that's where the good air is. Hope the air clears up real soon!

Your pal,

Noah the Airedale said...

Hi Bogart,
You're an awesome soccor player, love the foot work.
We've never tried cat food before but we'd give most foods a go.

Smokey air is dreadful isn't it. We've our paws crossed that it clears real soon.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

Faya said...

Hello Bogart !
About the cones... have took one to send it to Miss Sunshade ? You know how much she loves cones...and you of course...
Kisses, Faya

Lenny said...

What's a deli fresh roll? That sounds good! Stay safe and not smoky.

Your friend, Lenny

Nanook and Pooka the Newfoundlands said...

We love cat food too Bog! Our mama lets us lick the spoon after she spoons the food into the cats' dishes and she calls it..."The Forbidden Food!"