Wednesday, July 25, 2007

That Damn Cam...era

Perhaps you've noticed that I haven't been as prolific in posting as I've been in the past. Just recently. For the last few weeks or so. Well, there is a specific, annoying reason for the absence.


The word that stirs fear deep in the heart of my mom. For some crazy unknown reason, every battery that she puts into the camera dies out after a few furtive attempts at photography. Even this morning, after she bought a new charger for her rechargeable batteries (with new batteries to boot!), all specific for high-drain devices like our little Olympus, and we trotted outside to the park for some fun stick-work... after a few quick shots the damn thing died.

Notice how I try to maneuver dad into staying in the shade? It's still brutally hot here in SoCal, so if I scoot my butt over to the shady area then it feels a little c-o-o-l-e-r...

I think I'll just sit here for awhile with this tasty stick dad...

Uh, can we stop throwing it for just a minute? I really wanna sink my teeth into this one...

She's pulling her hair out over this battery thang (and if you've seen her you know, she doesn't have that much to lose!), and it is causing the world to be denied it's daily dose of Dale. She's done a LOT of digital photography over the years and the camera isn't new... anyone have any idea what to do about the evil batteries?

I suggested burying them out in the park and while she was with me in spirit, when it came time to open the camera to let the little suckers fall into their dusty grave, she just couldn't do it.



To Aire is Divine


Jackson said...

Sorry pal, J1 doesn't know ANYTHING useful about batteries other than they always run out at the most inconvenient moment! J x

Cubby said...

You did get some great shots, though!

Life with Ozzy said...

I'm wondering if it's not the camera? Maybe you need one designed for capturing the Airedale essence? Well mom says when her cell kept dying they found out it wasn't the batteries it was the cell itself. Yes she says she knows cell and camera aren't the same thing but you get what she's trying to say right?

wirey hugs,