Monday, June 11, 2007

Whatta Day!

Normally I'm not a big fan of Mondays... Mom is always cranky and it seems like things never really go the way they should. Lots of the humans seem to think that Mondays aren't all that much fun so I just kind of went along with that until...


We started out the day by doing my "duck check" (to make sure that the ducks are still there) at the Echo Park lake.

I saw lots of turtles today - more than usual - but of course mom couldn't capture that golden moment on camera.

Then it was errand-time. My least favorite. When I do get to come along (when it's not too hot or sunny) I have to sit in the car to "guard" it for mom. She's not fooling me for a minute. I don't "guard" the car I just sit there in the copilot seat and w-a-i-t. I generally show my discontent by barking loudly just as she enters the store/post office/wherever she's going. You know, just when lots of other people can see just how poorly she treats me and get a good look at her as she quickly runs into the store/post office/wherever.

I must have been uncharacteristically off of my game this morning because mom thought I was really good during the errands, so since we were in the neighborhood she thought a quick run to Rally's might be in order. Mmmmm. Tasty burger for me, well worth it for being (relatively) quiet in the car.

Then since we needed to do a bit of walking mom thought we'd check out how Griffith Park was doing since the big fire, you know, see if our old hiking ground might be open (or if we could sneak in). No dice, they've got the whole thing fenced! That's a lotta fence let me tell you, the fire area was huge! So we walked around it for awhile - admittedly mostly to see if there were any holes we could sneak through) and checked out just how close the fire had come to the beautiful old merry-go-round and picnic areas. Very scary stuff, it was literally just a few feet away.

So while mom was taking in the magnitude of the fire damage, I took in something myself... this spiffy soccer ball! Yes it's deflated and kind of mushy but for me it's PERFECTION. I can get my full mouth around it and carry it with me wherever I go which makes me HAPPY.

It thuds comfortingly when I drop it in front of me, and when mom tries to kick it out of my mighty paws it is easy for even those without those opposable thumbs to grasp. Ha! Score one for the four-leggers...

Ok so normally this would be a GREAT day. End of blog. Time to sleep. But noooooo....

When we got home and after my refreshing drink from my water fountain there was a big thud at the door. So I put on my "big boy voice" and started barking at the evil door. Mom looked through the peephole and didn't see anyone so I thought, "Job done", and retired back to my fountain. Mom opened the door and there it was - a package.

She wasn't expecting anything and looked at it... it was addressed to BOGART HANDSOME DEVIL - gimme gimme gimme!!!

It was from my pals Opy & Charlie all the way in Australia!!!!! I know that my manners in this arena may need a little sharpening but darn it GIMME THAT PACKAGE!!!

I made very quick work of the outer packaging to get to my NEW SOFT FURRY TOY!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!! I don't know if I've told everyone, but soft toys are my absolute favorite and I do not have nearly enough of them... this guy has a surfboard and cool board shorts on, did I mention how much I LOVE HIM???

Check out the cool photo they sent along too - you guys really are the COOLEST dogs!!!!!

Thank you SO MUCH Opy and Charlie (and of course, to your humans too), I LOVE MY NEW SOFT FURRY TOY!!!



To Aire is Divine


BLU and Comet said...

That burger looks really yummy. Did you get to eat the whole thing?

Faya said...

Your Monday look more like a Sunday .....
I know now that you love furry toy....hehehehe...
Kiss, Faya

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bogart.
My mom doen't like Mondays either. But I think yours were great. Walkie, burger, toy, what else could you have asked for??
Have a nice day

Sundae said...

What great day you had! Loved the pictures taken with your ball.

Wired for Mackie said...

Why that's a great Monday, Bogart! Much better than getting stuck at home alone while Mommy goes to work and gets grouchy!!!


Your pal, Mackie

Maggie said...

What an awesome Monday you had! I love your new plushy! It's so cute! That was so thoughtful of Opy and Charlie to send it to you!

Love ya lots,

Stanley said...


It's like you lived a whole lifetime in one day, man! Bogiemobile ride, ducks & turtles, mid-morning nosh a la Rally Burger, your favorite (though fire-damaged) park, and a new cuddler from down under! Whewee!

You're living the life, buddy!

Goob love,

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh Bogart,

Thats was a great MONDAY...1st was duck checking, then turtle, following by yummy burger, a soccer ball to chew with, and a pressie from our pals....thats a super MONDAY !!!