Sunday, May 27, 2007

Slumming in Santa Monica

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday... and mom and I are wandering around trying to figure out something fun to do. Somewhere that we haven't been for awhile, where we can walk around and stop to eat outdoors.

Since we almost never wind up at the beach area (and oddly, most beaches here do not allow dogs) mom thought we might as well go - there is the Third Street Promenade which is a walking outdoor mall (yes we have a LOT of those in LA) that's just 3 blocks from the ocean. Let's go!

We walked around and of course I got a LOT of attention - we even ran into a few other Airedale People which is always cool... they chat with mom about the fun and challenges of having Airedales (wait... there are challenges???) and rub my head and butt. Me likey.

Then we went down and walked along the Pacific Coast Highway for a bit - again, avoiding the beach lest we be ticketed for the evil of walking a perfectly civilized dog (I write my own blog, for goodness' sake) on the sand.

Some of those so-called Hollywood-party-girl-starlets could learn a thing-or-two from the way I roll... after a long, hard day of partying I just call my chauffeur (ahem, mom) and have her drive me home. This way no matter if I've eaten or drank too much, who I've sniffed, or what I've rolled in (don't ask), the paparazzi never catch me and I get to sleep in the back seat all the way home. Ah....



To Aire is Divine


Asta said...

Hi Bogie,
Looks like's always nice to be recognised for ones wonderfulness
When my Mommy and Daddy first met, he lived on fourth and Idaho in SM
and they always went down to the beach
that was before they turned into NY types heheheheheh

Maggie said...

I like that last picture of you Bogie - the one of your cute furry Aire-hiney!

Love ya lots,

Faya said...

It shoulb be 7 Sunday a week no ?
Kiss, Faya

Stanley said...

Welcome back, Bogart!

Butt shots are always pupular! This must be the weekend for them (or does Miss Sunshade write your material for you???).

Thanks again for the new tag you gave me. Everyone in the neighborhood has started calling me Turd Burglar. You kill me, man!

Goob love,