Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I don't know about where you are but here in Los Angeles for the last 2 days it's been INCREDIBLY HOT. Too hot for this Dale's taste, especially since it's not even summer yet. Yesterday was 93 degrees, today might be even hotter. Whew - that means a whole lotta nothing for me as I get too lazy to do much of anything.

Of course I want to go outside and toss the stick around - but after I cajole mom (or dad) and we get to the park I'm too hot and tired to do much, so I find a shady spot to lay down and chew on my stick. Which for some crazy reason the humans don't think is a good idea as they seem to want to constantly go back to the apartment (ok, it is a little cooler there when I sit in front of the fan but whatever). So we actually have to walk a bit which is TIRING, HOT, and KINDA CRUMMY.

Oh well, back to claim my spot in front of the fan.

Where did spring go???



To Aire is Divine


Maggie said...

Oh Bogie! I feel so badly for you! Come to my house and my mom will give you a hairecut! She did Mitch today and he's turned into a monster! She's ready to glue it back on! HELP!!!!

Love ya lots,

maggie said...

i totaly know what you mean ... it is sooooo hot here today , a toasty 97 F , WAY TO HOOOOOOOOOOT FOR THIS AIREGIRL ........

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Lorenza said...

Hi Bogart. I don't want to tell you but people says this is just the begining of a veeeery hot sesion. I hope nobody takes away your spot in front of the fan.

Jackson said...

Wow, that's hot. I hate the hot weather, I just go all floppy. J x