Saturday, December 09, 2006

Saturday with Marieke!!!!!

Ok - first there is the disclaimer that there are absolutely NO PHOTOS to go along with today's post. Moms fault - this time she somehow magically got the zoom to stop zooming and the battery had run out. I know, I know, I wasn't buying it either, but with these big old paws it's tough to do my own photography.

So this morning we got all bundled into the car - me, mom, and dad - and started off toward what I thought was going to be another fun day of workout with my pawsonal trainer, Heidi. We drove to her house and dad got out of the car. But then he closed the door and waved goodbye and mom took off! Hey, that was my stop! I was supposed to get out there too! She kept insisting that we really did have somewhere else to go (oh great mom, I can go with you to do errands instead of running with my trainer?) and that it was going to be fun.

I remained unconvinced.

The drive was long and kind of wiggly because there was some parade going through our neighborhood. Most Sundays there seems to be something going on in this part of Sunset Boulevard so it's blocked off and mom has to take a more "scenic" route. This generally involves lots of quick maneuvers and some swearing at policemen when the girlie routine doesn't work. It takes a lot longer to get wherever we're going, and I miss out on a lot of "Aire time" (me with my head out the window). But whatever, there wasn't much I could do so I just hung out the window greeting my loyal public and accepting compliments while she drove.

Then we pulled into the parking lot of Good Microbrew. Ok, I like that place, they always bring me a little something and the admiration level is pretty high. So we found a spot, I got excited (I didn't want to get left behind again..) and we got out.

And then I saw her.... in the distance, at a prime table, waving. It was Marieke!!!! She's the mom of my 3 Airedale buddies (Robin, Kermit & Jupie) that I haven't seen in forever... I was soooooooooo excited to see her that I jumped into her lap and did my puppy bark and face lick (basically mom is the only person in the world that I do this for - partially because she really likes it and partially because she's the only person who lets me do it) and couldn't believe that it was her!!!!! She's sooooooo nice and so much fun, and she makes mom really happy. We had a really long lunch that I wasn't even jonesing to leave (although I did want a piece of that crazy little dachshund in the winter coat), and I got to show off some of my best sitting, laying down, and shaking paw in exchange for some of her burger. Yes since mom is a vegetarian the best I can usually hope for is a small piece of cheese falling from heaven but with Marieke it was burger pieces!!! I think I ate as much of her burger as she did!!!

We always discuss a LOT about Airedales whenever we're together, and she helps mom out a lot in understanding more about us. She's the person who gave mom the stripping tools that make me into such a handsome devil today (since I was rather a wooly puppy). We also compare things like my lack of full-on fuzzy disco pants (what mom calls the fur on my legs), and my rather fetching moustache.

She's sooooooooooooo nice, and I miss her and her dogs sooooooooooooooooo much. Now here's the kicker. You'd think that because I don't get to see them that much that they live far away but nooooooo.... they live right in our neighborhood, it's just that mom is doing too much of that "work" thing I've been complaining about lately. I think we all came to the agreement that this should change, and I feel a full-Airedale visit coming on soon with all the love that was going around today.

Thanks so much for lunch today Marieke!!!!! Big kisses to Robin, Kermit & Jupie!!!


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Sunshade said...

That sounds like soooooo much fun!! Sigh.... I wish I were there.... Are those three Airedales as handsome as you?

And WOW...Sunset Blvd!!!

Your dreamgirl,
Miss Sunshade