Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas... Finally!!!

Ah, Christmas finally is here and I can tear into the packages under the tree... magically, several more appeared than before so I was happy to help get those open as well (especially the ones for the cats... their treats are always tastier than my own).

I got three major presents... Doggles, a heart-shaped pillow, and a very large bone that mom couldn't capture me eating - yes, eating - because so much of it was already consumed by the time that the camera was up and running. And yes, I did "test out" the pillow for it's hump-ability... and it's a little too short for any serious humping. Tossing around in the air - perfect.

While I think I look incredibly spiffy in my new Doggles I think I already hate them. Since I've never liked things on my head, these are especially annoying. They go around my head, under my ears, and under my chin. A triple whammy.

The cats all got their own heart-shaped pillows too and a few new beds - and the most incredible salmon treats I've ever tasted. I didn't care so much for the catnip treats (what do cats see in that stuff anyway?) but the salmon... mmm, mmm, mmm. Yummy.

Not long after all of the presents were opened and somewhat consumed, mom and dad had to leave... now, being left at home to "relax a bit" is one of my very least favorite things in all the world. I couldn't understand why they were leaving me behind. So what if there are parties to go to, they don't allow dogs??? What is this world coming to...

It turns out that they first went over to Mareike's house to bring some human cookies & some doggie treats to my 3 favorite Airedales - Robin, Kermit, & Jupie!!! I knew they went to visit my buddies because mom came home smelling like them - all over! So at least I can take some comfort in the fact that my Aire-pals took good care of mom when I wasn't there - face licking, jumping, you know, all the important stuff.

Then they went to a party in Hollywood - they came home looking so happy that even as I was angry at being left home alone for soooooo long I just had to forgive them. Their silly, stupid faces do make me melt sometimes. So I brought over my leash for dad, we had a quick late-night peepee, then it was off to doggie dreamland.

I really think I like this Christmas-thing...


To Aire is Divine


Kimo & Sabi said...

We thinks your Doggles look fabulous - give 'em a try!

Faya said...

Hello Bogart ! I received the same pillow waouhhhhh..... Another reason to dream of you..... Big Kiss from Switzerland...

Maggie said...

Hey Bogie,
Next time you're crusin' in the car with mom you'll have your shades on! OMG you'll be stopping traffic! You sure are a handsome dude!


Lux said...

I Love those Doggles! You look adorable in them!

Sundae said...

Hi Bogart,

You really look very good in those doggles. You should really wear them more often especially when your parents drives with windows down. :)


Faz the Cat said...

I didn't know you could get sunglasses for dogs called Doggles. Can you get them for cats too? Are they called coggles? They do make you look extraordinarily cool.