Monday, December 18, 2006

Lets Go Crazy

Cranking it up a notch from my last car cruising, I told mom to floor it because I wanted to feel the wind in my ears... Lets Go Crazy!



To Aire is Divine


Sunshade said...

Wow Bogie, you even had the one arm out the window for a bit.... Don't you try to jump out after hot babes ok?? Not that I'm jealous, I just don't want to see my handsome devil get hurt ya know??

Sunshade's mum: yea she's jealous.

Your dreamgirl,
Miss Sunshade

Maggie said...

I got nervous when I saw that paw out the window too! Careful Bogie!


faya said...

Please Bogart, be careful.. Kiss

Zach said...

Whoa dude - maybe you need a seatbelt like I have if you want to hang out the window! Mom had a dog named Cherish who jumped out the car window when she was going 45 mph - luckily she didn't get too hurt but now we don't get the window down when we're in the car. Mom didn't know what Cherish saw that made her jump .. you just never know!

Bogart said...

FYI - I am attached to a seat belt, you just can't see it in the movies! It's just loosened up a bit so I can peek out.


Lux said...

Are you famous? Seems like it to me! I sure hope I get to see more of the world someday like you do!

P.S. Mom always loved that song!

Wired for Mackie said...

Bogart- You are quite a boy! I love to ride with my head out too, but you do get out there, don't you?!! I hate my seatbelt- doesn't look like you care much!

Your pal, Mackie